Capt. James Haley

Senior Marine Systems Consultant
UHU Technologies LLC.

Capt. James Haley is a graduate of Texas A&M University, and holds an Unlimited Tonnage Master Mariners license. His career includes 15 years on U.S. flagged tankers, including five years as Master, 32 years as harbor pilot in the Port of Long Beach, Ca., nine years as a member of NAVSAC (Navigation Safety Advisory Committee), various leadership roles in the Nautical Institute West Coast Branch, and expert witness admissions in state, Federal and international court cases.

Since 2018 Capt. Haley has been involved in numerous projects testing GPS systems, and monitoring and documenting GPS jamming and spoofing incidents in Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors in cooperation with DHS and other law enforcement entities as well as private companies. He is currently the Senior Marine Systems Consultant for UHU Technologies LLC.