Commander Kris J. Szczechowicz (USCG Ret.) 

Commander, Sector San Diego
U.S. Coast Guard

Commander (Ret.) Szczechowicz is a Security Specialist (Port) for U.S. Coast Guard Sector San Diego where he develops, installs, and manages security including Cybersecurity programs. He is the unit’s Port Security and Cybersecurity Liaison exercising independent judgement in developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders in government and private industry to further port security goals. His last assignment while on Active Duty was at Sector San Diego where he served as Chief, Prevention Department. As alternate Officer-in-Charge, Marine Inspection, he was responsible for commercial vessel safety program with direct impact on 1.2 million passengers, $1.5B ship construction, and 1,200 professional mariners. Prior, he served at the Eleventh District in the Inspections and Investigations Branch within the Prevention Division. While there, he conducted vessel inspection oversight and investigations analysis. His other assignments include: Sector San Francisco in a variety of positions including Chief, Domestic Inspections, Assistant Senior Investigating Officer, and Chief, Port Safety and Security; Marine Safety Office/Sector New Orleans where he served as a Marine Inspector, Marine Investigator and Law Enforcement Boarding Officer; aboard the USCGC NORTHLAND homeported in Portsmouth, Virginia where he served as the Damage Control Assistant/Law Enforcement Officer; aboard the USCGC TAMPA homeported in Portsmouth, Virginia where he served as a Damage Controlman; and aboard the USCGC POINT HANNON homeported in Jonesport, Maine where he served as a Fireman.

As a Marine Inspector and Marine Investigator, he attained qualifications a Machinery Inspector, Hull Inspector, Hull (Tankship) Inspector, T-Boat Inspector, Barge Inspector, Liferaft Inspector, Foreign Freight Vessel Examiner, Foreign Tank Vessel Examiner, Foreign Chemical Tank Vessel Examiner, Control Verification Inspector, Container Inspector, Explosive Handling Supervisor, Level II Radiation Detector Operator, Casualty Investigator, Suspension and Revocation Investigator, and Maritime Enforcement Investigator.

Commander (Ret.) Szczechowicz graduated from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice/Legal Studies & Sociology. He holds a Master of Science degree in Quality Systems Management from the National Graduate School and a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia Southern University.

A native of Beverly, Massachusetts, Commander (Ret.) Szczechowicz currently resides in Chula Vista, California with his wife Shashauna, an attorney, and their two sons Luke and Connor.