Bob butchart

California Maritime Security Program
Governor’s Office of Emergency Services/Homeland Security
U. S. Coast Guard, Sector San Francisco


Bob Butchart is a native San Franciscan. He studied Theology at the College of Notre Dame in Belmont, California with the desire of becoming a Jesuit Priest; he completed degrees in Theology and Psychology in 1982. While training with the Jesuits, he had missionary tours in Africa, the Vatican and Northern Ireland (2). He was student body Vice President and qualified for the Olympic Trials in 1979 while at Notre Dame. Bob entered the United States Air Force in 1982. He served in Air Force Special Operations and in the United States Special Operations Command; his last military assignment was in Central America with Navy Special Warfare. In early 2002 after returning from Afghanistan, Bob started working with the United States Coast Guard, District 11 (D-11). Later he was additionally assigned to the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and Homeland Security; in Operations, and is the senior member of the California Maritime Security Unit. He’s embedded with the United States Coast Guard, Interagency Operations Center (IOC) on Yerba Buena Island, Sector San Francisco, D-11. Bob has multiple degrees, including doctoral degrees. Educated at: United States, Germany, France, Israel and US Military. Civilian Responses (short list): 9-11 (New York), Hurricane Katrina (four tours), Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Irene, Japan Earthquake/Tsunami, Deep Water Horizon, Hurricane Sandy and follow on Nor’easter (Winter Storm Athena), Philippines Cyclone, Lake County Fire Storm, Sonoma County Fire Storm, Gulf Hurricanes (2) and Hawaii Volcano eruption monitoring.