Michael Anthony Reid (Tony)

Business Development
HALO Maritime Defense


Mr. Michael A. Reid , (Tony), is a native of the Loan Star State of Texas. Enlisted with the United States Navy at the Armed Forces Enlistment Center in Houston, Texas in November 1976.

After completing Recruit Training in San Diego, California, he transferred to Torpedoman “A” school in Orlando Florida and subsequently arrived at his first command the USS Blandy (DD-943). While attached to USS Blandy, he completed major deployments to the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Indian Ocean during the fall of Teheran, Africa, and transited the Panama Canal, and participated in deterrence operation off the coast of Nicaragua. During the brief assignment was subsequently promoted to petty officer second class.

Upon transfer to USS Yosemite (AD190) completed Torpedoman “C” school for depot level maintenance of the Mk 46 Antisubmarine torpedo. After completing a major Ship Yard Overhaul in Mobile Alabama, he completed subsequent major deployments to the Mediterranean, Caribbean, refresher training in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

Completing 7 years of Sea Duty, he was transferred to NAS Jacksonville, Fla, MK 46 Torpedo Shop. During the tour completed qualification as Patrolman, Watch Commander, and Investigator at NAS Jacksonville’s Security/Police De-partment and was ultimately approved for rate conversion to the Master at Arms rating.

After Completing Master at Arms C school in Anniston, Alabama reported for duty to the USS W.S. Sims as the Chief Master at Arms. During the 4 year assignment his command completed major deployments to the Mediterranean, Middle East, South America, Law Enforcement operation in support of the Coast Guard in the Caribbean, Operations off the coast of Libya, Northern Wedding Cruise and major ships overhaul. Was initiated and promoted to Chief Petty Officer during the assignment. Major LE operations included the seizure of the civilian freighter Durango Kiss that was heavily laden with illegal drugs.

Reported to NAVFAC Brawdy, Wales as the Deputy Security Officer. Completed major operational initiatives including the international cooperative operations with United Kingdom police that identified IRA terrorist arms cache that re-solved with multiple levels of prosecution. Was selected for commission as a limited duty officer.

Transferred to NAS Alameda for temporary duties as the Deputy Security Officer, Duty Officer for the Oakland Hills Fire Strom. Commissioned and Transferred to USS Saratoga (CV60) with Officer Candidate School at Pensacola Florida in route to USS Saratoga (CV60).

NSB Kings Bay Ga. with temporary duties at Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic (SWFLANT). AS the Deputy Security officer and Security Officer. Major evolutions included the Commissioning of SSBN Louisiana. Promoted to Lieutenant.

NSA Naples Public Safety Director & Security Officer. Reduced vulnerabilities by 98% and led the program to success-ful Defense Threat Reduction Agency Joint Services Integrated Vulnerability Assessment during multi-million dollar fa-cility building and renovation efforts.

Navy Criminal Investigative Service and CNO N34 Staff: assisted in the development of the Navy Security Forces Met-rics Staffing Validation process, Navy Security Net knowledge management portal, the substantial increase in Master at Arms community increase from 4800 personnel to 15873, and bolstered the total professionalization of the Navy’s Law Enforcement community.

In July 2004, accepted the duties as the Commander Navy Region Europe’s (CNRE) Security Officer to lead and man-age the region’s nine security detachments and in Aug 2005, selected as the Commander Navy Europe AT Program Di-rector to lead the AT Program in addition to the CNRE RSO duties.

In Nov 2006, accepted duties as Navy Facilities Engineering Command Headquarters as the C4I Program Manager for AT. Established 36 Emergency Operations Centers and led the initiatives for the CNIC ISC, CNRSW Region Operations Centers and Region Dispatch Centers.

In March 2008, accepted duties as the Navy District Washington’s Operations Officer leasing eight businesses lines in the newly established Operations Program.

In Nov 2009, accepted duties and challenges as the CNIC Operations Directorate, Antiterrorism Headquarters Program Director. Managed the Installations Antiterrorism Program for Installations ashore Navy Security Forces: Manning, Training, Equipment, Resources and Policy’s for the 72 Installations around the world and oversights the 15,000 NSF and annual budge exceeding a billion dollars in requirements. In April 2015, he retired from Government Service.

In Nov 2015, He established M. A. REID ENTERPRISES, LLC providing security consulting services for federal and commercial operations. Clients include, DOD, DON, HALO Maritime Defense Systems, Pro Barrier, BEI Security and Astro Physics’s Inc.

In Oct 2017, Accepted the position of Security Director at HALO Maritime Defense Systems.

Mr. Reid is married to the former Charlotte G. Hearn of Houston, Texas. They have two sons: Charles and Joel. Deco-rations: Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal x 2, Navy Achievement Medal x3, Navy Expeditionary Medal, Navy Good Conduct Medal x 4, Over Seas Service Ribbon x4, Sea Service x 4, Expert Rifle, and Expert Pistol, Kuwait Liberation, numerous commendations, awards and Medals for Civil Service.