CDR (CA) Mike Lawless

OIC Maritime Coastal Detachment Five
California State Guard


CDR Mike Lawless commands Maritime Coastal Det Five (MCD5)of the California State Guard in San Diego. The missions are to augment civil authorities in SAR, S&R, emergency response, and security in the harbor and littoral waters. It is a pre-commissioning unit. The immediate challenges are to recruit and train members; acquire, berth, and maintain boats; and liaise with maritime authorities and agencies. Mike will introduce the Maritime Command and describe the mission and challenges of assisting Maritime Security initiatives in San Diego.

The California State Guard is a component of the State Military Department, reporting to the Adjutant General along with the Army and Air Guard. The Maritime Command was stood up two years ago.

Mike is a retired USN Intelligence Officer with experience in counter-terror, air intelligence, tactical intelligence, and imagery interpretation. He currently pays the bills as a professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at the University of San Diego.